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I set out to design a pit that could both smoke as well as it could grill. For a wood / charcoal fired grill to provide perfectly grilled meat you must be able to control your heat source. Like in a Santa Maria style gill where one can elevate the cooking grate away from the fire, in the Boothill we designed the charcoal grate to elevate up and down. You can lower the fire to the bottom of the grill approximately 19 inches away from the cooking grate for a slow cook or you can raise it within inches for a perfect sear (with ash pan and pellet hopper installed max distance is 13 inches). The grill comes with both Argentine and Solid Round Grates. We have incorporated two new design features in the 2018 Boothill. A new grease catch for the Argentine Cooking Grate grease trough, simply open the brass drain valve outside the grill and let the grease drain out and into a container. After a long cook, clean up will be easy when removing the ash. On the right side of the grill we have incorporated a slide out ash drawer. You simply sweep the ash to the hatch remove the drawer and empty the ash into your garbage can. WOW!!!!

Smoking is awesome in this pit, the charcoal grate also acts as a heat / tuning plate. The Smoke and Heat is set up to be reverse flow and the smoking chamber is gasket sealed. The smoker holds temps within 5 degrees from the left to the right of the smoking chamber. Not to many smokers can say that. We have offset the firebox six inches from the smoking chamber, which prevents a direct heat transfer to the smoking chamber.


*Fabricated out of 3/16 Steel Plate - Built to Last
*Argentine and Solid Round Grates included
*Grease Collection System.
*Drop Down front face for easy access to the charcoal / Wood fired grate
*Heavy Duty lift mechanism to Raise and Lower charcoal / wood fired grate.
*Lid Support System
*Collapsible Shelf Mounted to Firebox
*Small shelf on left side of Smoker
6" All metal Casters

Price without Firebox
24 x 48 - $2977.00
24 x 42 - $2719.00
24 x 36 - $2459.00

Optional Firebox
$440.00 Regardless of size of Cooker.

Options / Upgrades
Upgrading to Stainless Steel Grates Call For Pricing
$150.00 Gas Shocks for Lid
Solid Round 304 SS Grate 3/8 inch - $121.00
Stainless Steel Argentine Grate - $242.00
Custom Griddle - $175.00 (21” x 22”)
Charcoal Basket - 25.00
Drop In Brassero - $160.00

Custom Crank Wheel
$95.00 (Silhouette Only)