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The Boothill can be ordered in three different configurations.
1. Grill Only
2. Smoker Only
3. Grill / Smoker Combination

The Boothill had a few changes for this year. We moved the exhaust so it is now centered over the smoker firebox, increased the size of the smoker firebox door, redesigned the smoker firebox wood / charcoal basket and relocated the crank wheel to the left side. The changes were made to increase the overall performance of the Boothill as a smoker.

The Boothill as a smoker is reverse flow. We tested the smoke with an outside air temp of 50f. It comes up to temp quickly, from 0 to 225 in 15min and we were able to sustain and hold a temp of 375. This smoker flow ensures that heat and smoke evenly flow across the meat.

The Boothill as a smoker only will feature a tuning plate welded in place, a 5" Diameter x 36" tall exhaust, no drop down front face nor crank wheel and finally a single grilling grate fabricated from 9 gauge expanded metal 23 x 48.

The Boothill as a grill has an elevating charcoal grate, that performs as a tuning plate when ordered as a combination. The charcoal grate can come within inches of the grilling grate for that perfect sear or drop far enough away for that slow cook. It has an ash pan for removing ash after long cooks. A SS spoked crankwheel for raising and lowering the charcoal grate. It is an awesome grill

As a combination reverse flow smoker you get the best of both worlds. Please see specs below

*Fabricated out of 3/16 Steel Plate - Built to Last

Grill Only
24 x 48 - $2977.00
24 x 42 - $2719.00
24 x 36 - $2459.00

Smoker Only
24 x 48 - $2777.00
24 x 42 - $2519.00
24 x 36 - $2259.00


24 x 48 - $3417.00
24 x 42 - $3159.00
24 x 36 - $2899.00

Options / Upgrades
$150.00 Gas Shocks for Lid
Upgrading grates to SS call for pricing

Custom Crank Wheel
$95.00 (Silhouette Only)