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Rotisserie Smoker Build

We have set out to build a Rotisserie Smoker addressing some of the common issues that we have seen in most rotisserie designs. The smoker featured in this build is BIG it is 54L x 58H x 48D. The pit is designed to be functional and efficient. The pit has been dimensioned to ensure functionality. The firebox is 1/3rd the size of the smoking chamber, the opening from firebox to smoking chamber has been cut to meet the size specifications for proper heat transfer. We also ensured the draw and air intake were properly proportioned for the size of this pit. To increase efficiency but stay economical we are insulating the pit on the top front and back, leaving the sides not insulated. The exhaust are mounted at the bottom of the smoking chamber which will help maintain temp. The smoking chamber will feature a grease drain as well as access door on both sides to ease cleaning. The Firebox features two doors, one on each side and an ash clean out on the bottom. The pit features a new carousel that has 4 stations vice the 6 in our old one. The change here addresses two issues. The first being the limitation on how deep each shelf can be. The old Rotisserie had a 12 inch deep shelf. Often times the meat would be at the edge of the shelf or over it. The new design features a 14 inch deep shelf, giving you an additional two inches. That may not seem like a big increase but every inch counts. The second change involves the number of stations. We went form 6 stations to 4. This allowed us to increase the width and it prevents a station from passing over another station. We wanted to maintain the capacity of the 6 station and we did this in two ways. Each station holds 3 racks, each measuring 48L x 14W. That will be 12 racks total. This doubles the capacity from the 6 station Rotisserie. Second we increased the over height of the Rotisserie from 48" to 58". The top rack of each station now has 13 inches of clearance when at the peak of the rotation. We are excited about this build and feel it will be a great rotisserie for large scale use.