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The “Chino” Camp Fire Grill

The “Chino” Camp Fire is a portable or built in style grill. We wanted to build a grill for the advent hunter or camper or the DIY homeowner that wants a durable inexpensive grill to place on a brick or concrete base. This grill firebox is open on the bottom, 8 inches deep and fabricated out of 3/16 steel plate. Comes with either an argentine grate or solid round grate buyer choice. It can be placed over a campfire for outdoor grilling or placed on a concrete base for a more permanent structure. Built heavy duty and built to last.

We named it the “Chino” because the name is very near and dear to our hearts. Chino was a welder by trade and committed his life to the mining industry. He loved to BBQ over an open fire and cherished anything that was made in the USA. He didn’t take shit from no one. He was rugged and lived life to the fullest. His saying was “Ay Way”. Which I am sure he is saying now grilling over a big open fire.

The “Chino” Camp Fire Grill

Includes Charcoal Rake

24 x 48 Firebox, Cooking Grate is 44 x 20 - $895.00
24 x 24 Firebox, Cooking Grate is 22 x 20 - $795.00
24 x 36 Firebox, Cooking Grate is 32 x 20 - $695.00