This is my second BBQ from AZBBQ Outfitters. I own a Scottsdale and a Boothill. First off the Scottsdale is a great grill. You can use it as a BBQ smoker but it grills the best. Its not a sealed unit even with the lid closed. So for big Grilling and parties the Scottsdale is great. But I wanted a new stick burner so Dave told me about the Boothill.

The Boothill has got to be the best BBQ, Smoker, grill, pellet grill, oven and Santa Maria grill in production. This sucker is heavy. Thick steel all hand welded. There is absolutely no leaks and seals up tight. The smoke stack mounts to a separate chamber on the back of the grill so it causes no interference. The baffle plate has a drawer built in. When grilling it can be used as an ash catch or when smoking I use it as a water pan. It sits in line with the opening from the firebox, which is perfect for balancing out temps. The Boothill I have is the 48x24. Out of 4 feet I only have a 10 degree difference at grate level from left to right when smoking. By adjusting the vents on the baffle plate I can probably get it even closer.

Because this unit is so big I thought that I’d have to load it up with wood to hit 225 degrees. Well I was wrong, I was at 350 in no time. The moveable baffle was also helpful in fine tuning the temps while smoking. When using it as a smoker it acts neither as a traditional flow nor a reverse flow smoker. It is more a hybrid and makes it extremely easy for anyone, even a first timer to use.

Temp can be controlled via the smoke stack or the fire box. I use the vents in the fire box for major adjustments and the smoke stack for fine tuning. Just be sure to not close the stack more than 1/3.

I had AZBBQ Outfitters cut a hole in the side for a pellet hopper. It works great. The highest temp it will go is around 325 but I wanted this option for doing long cooks. I plan on doing some brisket by starting out with a real wood fire for about 4-6 hours and then turning on the pellet hopper to finish the cooking while I get some sleep.

As a grill its great! Being able to move the charcoal / fire grate up and down is awesome. It allows for use as a Santa Maria or traditional charcoal grill.

The grease management system was an excellent idea as well. It stops a lot of flare-ups and bad flavors. It works great to catch the fat and juices from your low and slow cooks. I make some killer mop sauces with it. I put some herbs and citrus in the grease trap and let the fat slowly infuse itself as it travels to the catch can.

My only concerns with the grill were that the charcoal is too far from the cooking surface for a really high heat sear, the brasero in the firebox really limits the amount of wood that can be used and the air intake on the fire box is not low enough. My concerns with the firebox were quickly no longer a concern after my first rack of ribs. After warming up the smoker I never had to load more than one log at a time. To remedy the charcoal grate issue I extended the legs a little bit to get it closer to the cooking surface to do some Pittsburg steaks. This isn’t necessary at all and is a great grill from the factory, but I always have to modify my grills.

All in all both grills are awesome. Having dealt with Dave and Sandra on both grills I see no need to ever shop for a grill elsewhere. My favorite out of the two is the Boothill. If you’re undecided, don’t be. Get the Boothill and you’ll be happy.

Jeff Falabrino