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Rotisserie Smoker
Our Rotisserie Smoker is designed to be fuel efficient with maximum capacity. Designed around a 3 station 6 shelve or 4 station 12 shelf capacity. in the gallery section we have a specification sheet that breaks down the differences. Firebox cover the smoker from left to right. Immediate access doors located at the bottom of the smoking chamber for clean out and quick access. This smoker is built to deliver awesome meats with little time spent tending. Step up your game order one today. Give us a call for any question you may have

All materials
Pickled and oiled.- No Mil Scale
Fire Box 1/4 Steel Plate
Smoking Chamber 3/16 Steel Plate
Stainless Steel Double Doors
4 Station 12 Shelf
1/4 HP Dayton Rotisserie Motor
Firebox Doors x 2
Trailer mounted or On Mobile Base

Mobile Base -
Trailer Mounted -

Covers Smoking top of Smoking Chamber / Fire Box top