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The Scottsdale Cooker is the most versatile wood or charcoal fired cooker on the market. Its versatility will impress you with all the different styles of cooking you can accomplish. The grates are interchangeable to allow versatility when grilling. Due to our unique designed grate-frame you have the capability of using a standard grate, argentine grate, cast iron wok, skillet or custom fabricated griddle specifically designed for the Scottsdale. You can cook wood fired pizzas by placing a pizza stone on the grate frame with an offset wood or charcoal fire. You can also do indirect smokes. This is an amazing cooker at an amazing price compared to other cookers of the same quality.

Located below are two buttons that will take you to Rob Greens website Scroll down on his page a little and you will find his link. He has done an awesome review and has been cooking on it regularly. Great recipes on his website too.

You will also find a button below that will take you to youtube to see how the cooker can be removed from the pallet.

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Fabricated from 3/16 Steel Plate
Fire Box measures 12 Inches Deep
Drop Down Front Face
Vented Firebox
Long Horn Crank Wheel
Lid 3/16 Steel-plate
Gas Shock assisted lift on lid (If Required)
Vented Lid
Wind Break 3/16 Steel Plate
3-Inch Temperature Gauge
Heavy Duty Frame 10 Gauge Steel
Heavy Duty Casters rated at 400 pounds 4 each
Comes with the following grates
Argentine Grate with Grease Trough (Mild Steel)
3/16 CNC Flat Grate -
Charcoal Grate

24 x 48 - $3425.00
24 x 42 - $3125.00
24 x 36 - $2830.00

Marine Grade Cover (Coast Guard Fabric Cover)
24 x 48 - $450.00
24 x 42 - $415.00
24 x 36 - $385.00

Options / Upgrades
Upgrading to Stainless Steel Grates Call For Pricing
Custom Griddle - $200.00 (21” x 22”)
Drop In Brassero - $185.00
Side Mounted Firebox with Brassero - $490.00

Custom Crank Wheel
Pricing based on Request.