We ship our products via a numerous freight companies based on the best rate we can get for our client. Our products are shipped on a heavy duty pallet specifically designed for the product. We offer residential delivery and pick up at terminal. For residential deliveries the product will arrive via truck with lift gate. The company will delivery the product to your residence but will do an inside delivery. Usually one person will arrive to delivery and making an inside delivery will be impossible due to the weight of our products. We have experimented with shipping the product with wheels attached and ready to be off loaded form the pallet and wheeled into place. When your product arrives please inspect for damage. If it is cosmetic damage and the product has been powder coated we will need the product sent back to re finish the powder coating. For product that are not powder coated we supply a can of paint to touch the product up. If the product is damaged but acceptable please sign for the product but ensure that you note the product was damaged and what exactly was damaged. If the product is not acceptable then reject the product and contact AZ BBQ Outfitters


All sales made by a resident of the state of Arizona living in the state Arizona will be charged the appropriate sales tax rate. If you reside outside the state of Arizona but elect to pick up your product sales tax will apply.

Sales tax is not applicable to those living outside the state of Arizona when the product is shipped to that location for use outside the state of Arizona

If you should have any questions concerning taxes please contact us 520 622 8335