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10 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel TIG Welded

“Drop in Model Featured in this photo”

The Scottsdale Cooker is the “Best” Wood Fired Pit on the market and now it is offered in 10 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel (SS) Lid assembly. The grill firebox is fabricated out of 7 Gauge 304 SS. The grill is all stainless steel except for the flange bearings for the axle and nipple used for attaching the brass drain valve. The grill has been TIG welded for clean professional look, no spatter. It is an awesome grill and will weather the elements. We also make a custom marine grade cover for the grill as well

Its versatility will impress you with all the different styles of cooking you can accomplish. The grates are cut down the center to allow versatility when cooking / Interchangable. Due to our unique designed grate frame you have the capability of using a standard grate, argentine grate, cast iron wok, skillet or custom fabricated griddle specifically designed for the Scottsdale. You can cook wood fired pizzas by placing a pizza stone on the grate frame with an offset wood or charcoal fire. This is an amazing grill at an amazing price compared to other pits of the same quality.


24 x 48 - $6292.00
24 x 42 - $5868.50
24 x 36 - $5445.00