From Ray “New owner of a SS Scottsdale 48 x 24”

Seasoned the grill and used it for the first time yesterday, “Best Steaks we have ever had”. My wife said,”That Grill is her new Best Friend”. Looking forward to many more cookout events.


From Peter Kim “New Owner of a MS Scottsdale 48x24”

I can’t thank you enough for the Scottsdale cooker.  This has exceeded every expectation and desire that I was looking for in the cooker.
From ordering, to my customization requests, to the packing job you guys did, to the follow up and customer care… everything has been outstanding.  The grill arrived packed extremely well on a pallet and with a new moving blanket to protect the grill in transit.  No moving parts and very solidly attached to the pallet. 
The grill is heavy.  I’m glad you convinced me into getting the counter balance.  Of course, heavy is a good thing when you’re talking about a wood burning grill, so I was thrilled at how solid everything was.  The lines on the grill were precision cut.  No sharp corners, and everything moved as it should.  The design work you guys pulled off on the logos were great as well.  The metalwork is just amazing.
The cooker can do it all.  The Argentine grates do such an amazing job keeping the grease off the fire that I’m able to get a wonderful bark and crust on meats.  I’ve been running it with wood logs and the cooker has held up to some serious heat.  The brasero attachment is wonderful too for longer cooks.  It’s nice to be able to have a constant flow of burning embers without dealing with the smoke of freshly burning wood.  One of my fears of running a wood cooker was the fire hazard.  This cooker is so thick it keeps everything well under control.  The lid is heavy and keeps things well under control as needed. 
I got a griddle attachment as well for the grill, so I’m able to run a flat top and a grill at the same time.  The 48” grill has ample space for all kinds of cooking.  I’m just scratching the surface of the possibilities.  It’s like an entire kitchen worth of appliances in a single cooker, but all over wood fire.  Indirect set ups are a breeze with all this space.  You’re really only limited by your imagination with this cooker. 
Ash removal is a breeze, and the removable grease tray keeps the icky stuff in one manageable place.  Lots of thought went into this grill, and it shows.
This is a great product and you guys run a great company.  I’m looking forward to many years of cooking with this grill.


Hello David and Sandra,
We have finished the patio project using the Scottsdale BBQ. I have it seasoned and ready to go! Thought you might like to see it in its new home. I am excited to get using it. It has been great working with you in getting this in place.

Thanks Dennis

(Dennnis’s grill can be seen on the Scottsdale Cooker Page)

Dave / Sandra

"Elvis is in the building"

Great job guy's. The entire shop has marveled at it. Very impressed with entire package. Great packing job also. Blanket is a nice touch. You know its like golf clubs. You can have the best in the world but you can't buy a swing. I feel sure that I have one of the best BBQ grills built. I just hope I can do justice cooking on such a fine piece of BBQ Craftsmanship.

Totally exceeded my expectations.

Thanks Much

David "Hoss" M.


Hi Sandra!
Just wanted to let you all know that my husband LOVES his new grill!!!! It's been well used already!
Thank you so much! Jody


Hey Sandra.

Good Morning.  Need your help (again).

I've used the Tuscan Grill at least once every day since receiving it and like it a lot.  And now that I have a few cooks on it I see the Scottsdale would probably have been a better, more versatile choice for me and how I cook.   

Tell everyone there I am a real fan of their work.  The cookers you guys make are outstanding pieces of equipment, beautifully built, and have been a big hit at the parties and catering events I've done.  The Tuscan is a better grill than I am a cook... and I'm a pretty good cook!  

Thanks for your help!

Back Alley BBQ