Project and Builds Update

“The return of the BootHill Cooker”

The BootHill Cooker is Back! Redesigned and ready for some serious cooking. This Cooker has a fixed cooking grate, with a charcoal grate that can be raised and lowered. We need to install the exhaust, drop down shelf on front side of the firebox and finally complete the lifting mechanism. We will finish this Cooker on Tuesday the 31st of January and fire it up to see how temps hold when utilized as a smoker.

Special features of the cooker are:

1. Grease Collection System. The Argentine Cooking Grate
filters grease to a grease trough where the grease is directed
to a brass drain valve where the grease can be collected in a soup can for easy disposal.
2. Drop Down from face for easy access to the charcoal / Wood fired grate
3. Optional Offset Firebox.
4. Heavy Duty lift mechanism to Raise and Lower Cooking Grate.
5. Lid Support System

Price without Firebox

24 x 48 - $2707.00
24 x 42 - $2471.50
24 x 36 - $2235.20

Optional Firebox

$400.00 Regardless of size of Cooker.