The Offset Vertical Smoker Grill Combo provides an excellent option for those that are catering or that evening ambiance on an outdoor patio with the fire blazing in the open pit and smoke pouring out, filling the air with the wonderful smell of smoked meat. The vertical smoker door is gasket sealed. By sealing the door the pit draws air through the firebox where it needs to. This helps to maintain a steady temperature. No more fire tending and vent adjusting every 30 minutes. The 3/16 steel plate and gasket set up are an excellent combination.


Scottdale Cooker

Fabricated from 3/16 Steel Plate
Fire Box measures 12 Inches Deep
1 inch drain for easy cleaning / draining
Drop Down Front Face
Vented Firebox
Long Horn Crank Wheel ( Will Custom Fab your logo if desired )
Lid 3/16 Steel Plate
Vented Lid
Wind Break 3/16 Steel Plate
3 Inch Temperature Gauge
Heavy Duty Frame 12 Gauge Steel
Heavy Duty Casters rated at 400 pounds 6 each
Comes with following grates
3/8 Solid Round Grate (Mild Steel)
Argentine Grate with Grease Trough ( Mild Steel)
Charcoal Grate
Counter Balance

Chiricahua Smoker

Smoker Box Dimensions 48H x 24D x 24W
Fabricated from 3/16 Steel Plate
2 Door handle Stainless Steel Coil Spring Handles
2 Smoker Door Temp Gauges
Fire Box 17H x 24D x 22L
Grates 21 x 22 7 Inch Spacing
Single 5.0 Inch Exhaust 14 Inches in Height
Heat Diffusser
Doors Sealed with Heavy Duty Boiler Style Gasket

Options / Upgrades

Solid Round 304 SS Grate 3/8 inch - $121.00
Stainless Steel Argentine Grate - $242.00
Custom Griddle - $174.62 ( 21” x 22”)
Brasero - 160.32

Powder Coating Hi Temp

Stove Bright High Temp Powder Coating Specifications

Black on Black Vents - 1143.75
Black on Red Vents - 1269.75

Marine Grade Cover ( Coast Guard Fabric )
24 x 48 - $575.00

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