Custom Builds


Last year Ken came to our shop and discussed a build he had for his catering business. We listened and took the project on. We try and go the extra mile on every custom build we do. Ken sent us the dimension he required along with some restriction. We built the smoker first. We took our Chiricahua Smoker and turned it on its side. We then placed the firebox directly under the smoker with one inch insulation between the smoker and firebox. This would prevent heat transfer causing a hot spot. We then connected the firebox to the back of the smoker. Heat enters through a 3 x 46 inch opening. This allows for a smother follow of heat into the smoker reducing hot spots that are common with a smoker at the point where the smoker and firebox connect. The smoker has 6 shelves that measure 22”x 23” with 3.75 inches of spring between each shelf, has a damper plate across the width of the smoker and two 5 diameter x 14 inch exhaust stacks .

Santa Maria Style Grill

The grill is a traditional Santa Maria Style Grill. The grill firebox measures 48L x 47W x 12D. The grill is center creased to allow easy cleaning with a one inch nipple to connect a drain valve. The Grill Firebox and Grill Grate legs are fabricated from 3/16 steel plate. The axle is 3/4 x .120 wall DOM Tubing using pillow block bearings for smooth operation. We used a chain and sprocket system to lower the crank wheel height. The Crank wheel has 8 spokes that allow the grate to be locked in position and raised in fine increments. We insulated the sides of the grill firebox to prevent heat transfer.

This grill and smoker combo demonstrates a commitment we have to our clients. We will give it 120 percent to make your build.