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Featured Builds

Welcome to our featured grill build page. The intent of this page is to provide you with a look inside the craftsmanship that we put into the fabrication of our grills. We are not mass producing our grills. Each grill receives personnel attention in the intent of bringing you the client a quality product that will provide a lifetime of entertainment.

Featured is our newest member to our family of Custom Grills, Brick-Lined Argentine Grill with Rear Brassero. This Argentine Pit is fabricated from 304 SS, The base support frame is 1.50" 11 gauge stainless steel square tubing, grill sides and back are framed using 1.25" 14 gauge stainless steel square tubing. The frame is skinned using 14 gauge brushed Stainless Steel. The shelf on the right can be removed and positioned on the left if desired. The front shelf slides in and out of the way if not needed. The grill and Brassero are one piece and can be lifted out for cleaning and brick replacement if ever needed. This pit will provide any backyard or professional chief the ability to produce an excellent culinary experience for his family and friends.

The Argentine pit will be produced in three sizes and both in carbon steel and stainless steel. Size is based on the actual grilling surface.

Call for Pricing

If you have a different size in mind gives us a call for a free estimate