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Featured Builds

Welcome to our featured grill build page. The intent of this page is to provide you with a look inside the craftsmanship that we put into the fabrication of our grills. We are not mass producing our grills. Each grill receives personnel attention in the intent of bringing you the client a quality product that will provide a lifetime of entertainment.

Featured on the left is a 304 SS Drop in Argentine Grill with brasesro. The frame measures 60"L x 24"W x 12"D. Grilling surface is 38 x 18 and the Brassero measures 12 x 20. This grill will feature our standard grate frame than can support either a solid round grate or argentine grate based upon customer request. The grates are interchangeable. This frame is meant to be placed into a fire bricked lined firebox with an open from face. The legs for the grill grate frame and overhead axle are removable to minimize the risk of damage during shipping. The only parts that are not SS will be the upper bearings. We can install SS bearings at customer request. Charges will apply to this upgrade. We will make various sizes or can custom make on to the size you request. Gives us a call if you have any questions. 520 622 8335

Testing we found that the Grill works fantastic using charcoal. You can create heat zones across the surface. Lump charcoal or wood will need to be cut down in size in order for the lump charcoal or wood to burn efficiently.
The Hybrid Gas Assist Wood / Charcoal Kingman is ready. Click the You Tube link below to see a video we posted today 29 March 2018. The Hybrid Kingman is a gas assist Grill. You place chunks of wood or charcoal in the V'd grate lite the wood or Charcoal with the gas assist and infuse that wood / charcoal flavor into your meat. You can easily set heat zones by adding or reducing the wood / charcoal in each v'd zone. The hybrid Kingman is easy to clean as the ash / grease will fall into a 3 inch deep pan located under the grill. The hybrid gas / wood grill that you see here will be up for sale as soon as we test the gas / wood operation. We will post a video on you tube so you can see it in action.

Please see the Photo Gallery page for additional pictures.