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Featured Builds

Welcome to our featured grill build page. The intent of this page is to provide you with a look inside the craftsmanship that we put into the fabrication of our grills. We are not mass producing our grills. Each grill receives personnel attention in the intent of bringing you the client a quality product that will provide a lifetime of entertainment.

The Kingman Grill now has a lid, that when opened allows the grate to be elevated well above the fire. To the right of the Kingman is a Hybrid Gas Wood Kingman. You can grill over gas while using chunks of wood to infuse that wood flavor into your meat or use the gas to get the wood or lump charcoal ignited and grill over wood or charcoal. You can easily set heat zones by adding or reducing the fuel source in each v'd zone. Both grills will feature a clean out tray. The hybrid Gas Kingman ash falls to the pan located under the grill and the traditional Kingman ash must be swept into the tray. The Hybrid will be on the line up shortly. The hybrid gas / wood grill that you see here will be up for sale as soon as we test the gas / wood operation. We will post a video on you tube so you can see it in action. We will be asking 1500 for this grill. Future hybrid gas / wood Kingman grills will not be offered at this price.

Please see the Photo Gallery page for additional pictures.